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Our Team
Our staff at Triangle School of Dental Assisting boasts an impressive collective experience of over forty years in serving the dental community. With a deep well of knowledge, expertise, and genuine care for our students, each member is dedicated to ensuring their academic and professional success. We are driven by a shared mission to train exceptional dental assistants who will contribute to the dental community in the Triangle area with utmost professionalism.
Our team brings a wealth of experience, having worked extensively in the field, and is equipped to provide comprehensive training that prepares students for the demands of their future roles. We are committed to nurturing the finest dental assistants by instilling in them the necessary skills and values that align with the highest standards of the profession.
At Triangle School of Dental Assisting, our staff's passion lies in bridging the gap between classroom education and real-world dental practice. We strive to cultivate a learning environment that is supportive, engaging, and tailored to meet the unique needs of each student.
Rest assured, when you choose our program, you will benefit from the unparalleled expertise and care of our experienced staff who are deeply invested in your success.
Wendy Creel
Wendy, the Director and co-owner of our school, has harbored a passion for the dental field for the past two decades. Her journey began in 1998 when she played an instrumental role in establishing a highly successful dental practice in Palatka, Florida, alongside her friend and mentor, Dr. Suzanne M. Wilbur D.M.D.
CEO Triangle School of Dental Assisting
Devoting herself to ensuring the practice's triumph and acquiring invaluable knowledge in the dental field and customer care, Wendy discovered a newfound passion for education. Motivated by this calling, she embarked on a journey to further her own education and obtained a degree in education. With her passion as her guiding light, Wendy dedicated five years to teaching in the public school system before relocating to the Triangle area with her husband.

Since her arrival in 2010, Wendy has actively contributed to the field of education as a dental assisting instructor. This experience has allowed her to join and refine her expertise as both a dental industry professional and an educator.

Wendy's commitment to dental education, coupled with her wealth of experience in the dental field, sets the foundation for Triangle School of Dental Assisting to provide students with exceptional instruction and guidance.
Dental Instructor
Whitney Jones
Whitney is a from Rowland, North Carolina and graduated of East Carolina University with a BA in Psychology. She is also a graduate of TSDA and has been working in the dental field for the past four years and loves it. Whitney is an excellent teacher who loves engaging with students, sharing her experience with them, and seeing them gain the knowledge that will lead to their new career. She lives in Raleigh with her husband and their dog, and also has a passion for the culinary arts and loves to cook and bake. 
Dental Assistant - Clinical Assistant
Stephanie Hileman
Clinical Assistant
Stephanie has been been with TSDA since the very beginning. She has been a Dental Assistant since 2009 and has been teaching since 2013. Stephanie has worked in a variety of dental settings and has a talent for helping anxious patients feel at ease. She is married to her husband of 28 years and has two adult daughters. She enjoys camping and spending time with her family. 
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