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Triangle School of Dental Assisting
Dental Assisting School in Raleigh North Carolina
Triangle School of Dental Assisting's approach is based on a customer-centric model. We sincerely seek the very best for each student and do everything necessary to assure that they each master the material needed to be successful in the course as well as in their jobs as dental assistants. At Triangle School of Dental Assisting we take the time to get to know each student in order to better understand their learning needs, as well as the type of dental practice for which they are best suited, in order to help them effectively seek employment at the conclusion of the course.
At Triangle School of Dental Assisting, students also receive instruction and assistance in developing effective and attractive resumes in order to give students a competitive advantage in the dental assisting job market.
This is what sets us apart from any other dental assisting school in Raleigh, Durham, or Chapel Hill, NC. 
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Your Dental Assisting Instructor
Wendy, the Director and Owner, has had a passion for the dental field for close to twenty years. In 1998, she helped to start a hugely successful dental practice in Palatka, Florida along with friend and mentor, Dr. Suzanne M. Wilbur D.M.D.


After spending several years working to ensure the success of this practice and learning countless lessons about the dental field and customer care, Wendy discovered a passion for education. At this point, Wendy went back to school and earned a degree in education. Following this passion, Wendy spent five years teaching in the public school system before moving to the Triangle area with her husband.

Since moving to the area in 2010, Wendy has been an active educator teaching as a dental assisting instructor. It is through this experience that Wendy has combined and honed her skills as a dental field professional and educator.

Your Dental Assisting Instructor - Wendy Creel
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