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Dental Work

Triangle School of Dental Assisting does not offer dental work of any kind. However, below you will find links to some schools and organizations in the area that do. Feel free to read about their programs and contact them with any questions.

Wake Smiles in Raleigh is a non-profit organization that provides dental services through the help of volunteer dental practitioners. You can also call at 919-390-6497. 

Lincoln Community Health in Durham provides dental services. Their urgent care number is 919-956-4034.


Wake Tech has a dental hygiene program that offers dental cleanings and radiographs (x-rays). They do not do any type of dental restoration or extraction (removal) of teeth. 

If you are in need of dental restoration or extraction, contact UNC's dental school, or if you are located further east, ECU's dental school may be more convenient.


SHAC Dental Clinic is a student-run clinic for members of the surrounding community in need of emergent dental services. Its main purpose is to provide for those who are otherwise unable to access dental care; there are no requirements for those who would like to be patients.


Triangle School of Dental Assisting is not affiliated with any of these institutions in any way. 

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