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Finding a Job as a Dental Assistant - Part 1

So you're studying to become a dental assistant or you have recently graduated from a licensed dental assistant training program - Now comes the crucial next step of finding a job in the dental field. Here are a few things that you should consider in order to be competitive in the job market.

Dental Assistant Jobs


In order to grab your potential employer's attention and not get buried in the stack of applicants' resumés, you need a well written, professional looking resumé. Consider having a grammar-minded friend proofread your resumé for errors, formatting inconsistencies, and overall presentation.

Be sure to include all relevant work experience, volunteer experience, and education that has prepared you for a job as a dental assistant. Maybe it goes without saying, but don't forget to include all of your current contact information: phone number, email address, etc. If you still have an email address from when you were 14 years old and sounds something like, consider changing it to a more professional sounding email address.

For some great pointers, take a look at these 44 Resume Writing Tips.


Social Media

Take a look at your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts (and any others that can be found by searching your name on Google) and try to look at them through the eyes of your potential employer. If you have trashy photos, dirty language, or inflammatory political statements, you may consider cleaning that up. The likelihood of your potential employer checking out your social media profiles before you make the first cut is very high. The dental practice that hires you will think, "Do we want this person to be a representative of our dental practice?" Try to put yourself in their shoes.


Phone Skills

Once you have made it to the point of having your potential employer call you on the phone, here are some things to consider:

  • Professional Voicemail - Make sure your voicemail message is professional sounding and if you have a ringtone that plays when people call, make sure it is appropriate.

  • Speak Clearly - Make sure to speak in such a way that the person can understand you. Eliminate background noise if possible. Don't mumble. Speak in complete sentences and don't be overly familiar or informal. Avoid slang.

  • Clarify - If you don't understand something or you are unsure about some detail, don't be afraid to ask for clarification. It shows that you are careful and detail oriented and that you care about the position.

  • Be polite - Remember to use your manners. Please, thank you, yes sir, yes ma'am, and the like, go a long way. Be polite, and be yourself.


Stay tuned for more ideas and pointers!

Get started on your path to becoming a dental assistant in just 15 weeks, contact us today! Or find out more about the services we offer.

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